Gold Fossicking Places Within 2-Hours Drive Of The Sunshine Coast With Camping Options?

13 May 2023

f you’re looking for gold fossicking locations within a 2 hour drive radius of the Sunshine Coast in Australia that allow camping, there are a few options to consider. Please note that popularity can vary, and availability of camping areas may be subject to change.

Here are some potential sites ranked based on general popularity, along with the nearest caravan park for each location, ensuring they are within the specified distance:

  1. Gympie: Located approximately 55 kilometers northwest of the Sunshine Coast, Gympie is known for its gold-bearing areas. Popular spots for gold fossicking in Gympie include the Deep Creek and Wide Bay Creek areas. The Gympie Caravan Park is a convenient option for camping in the area.
  2. Eumundi: Situated around 20 kilometers southwest of the Sunshine Coast, Eumundi offers gold fossicking opportunities nearby. The Mary River, particularly the area around Belli Creek, is known for gold prospecting. The Eumundi RV Stopover is a nearby caravan park that provides camping facilities.
  3. Cooroy: Located approximately 30 kilometers west of the Sunshine Coast, Cooroy offers access to gold-bearing areas. The nearby Cooran Caravan Park is an option for camping while exploring the Cooroy region for gold fossicking.
  4. Kilkivan: Situated around 125 kilometers northwest of the Sunshine Coast, Kilkivan is known for its gold-bearing creeks. The Devil’s Elbow Gold Fossicking Area is a popular spot. The Kilkivan Bush Camping and Caravan Park is conveniently located for camping in the vicinity.

Please note: Many of these locations may fall on private land, and you will require written permission from the landholder to prospect for gold on this land. Please make sure you get that permission before leaving home!

It’s important to note that popularity can fluctuate, so it’s recommended to check recent reviews and consult local authorities or gold prospecting communities for up-to-date information. Additionally, always practice responsible fossicking, follow safety guidelines, and respect any environmental or cultural considerations in the areas you choose to visit.

Please verify the availability and suitability of caravan parks by contacting them directly or checking their websites. Ensure that you comply with any permits and regulations related to gold fossicking activities, which can be obtained from the Department of Natural Resources, Mines, and Energy (DNRME).

Always have a Gold Fossicking License before you leave home.

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