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Where are the Best Place for Gold Prospecting around Warwick, Queensland?

20 June 2023


Location Type of Gold Equipment needed Rules and regulations
Thanes Creek Fossicking Area Alluvial gold Gold pan, shovel, pick, sluice box, metal detector Fossicking allowed in creek and certain areas on the owner’s side, no digging on flat area
Durikai State Forest Fossicking Area Unknown Varies by location Permit required for fossicking
Warwick Goldfields Alluvial gold Varies by location Simple hand tools only, no explosives or machinery


Thanes Creek Fossicking Area is the best place for gold prospecting around Warwick in Queensland. It is easily accessible from the rural center of Warwick and is known to contain alluvial gold.

Other areas, such as the Durikai State Forest Fossicking Area and Warwick Goldfields, also offer opportunities for gold prospecting, but may have specific rules and regulations regarding equipment and permits. YouTube videos can also provide helpful tips for prospective gold prospectors.

For gold prospecting in Thanes Creek, it is recommended to bring a gold pan, shovel, pick, sluice box, and metal detector.

Thanes creek prospecting - Great place for gold prospecting near warwick

Other accessories, such as a magnifier, suction bottle, mini tubes, and gloves, may also be useful. It is important to note that some equipment may be prohibited in certain areas, so it is important to check the rules and regulations for each location.

There are no local stores near Thanes Creek that sell gold prospecting equipment, but it is possible to purchase equipment online through websites like Amazon.

In summary, for the best gold prospecting experience around Warwick, Queensland, Thanes Creek Fossicking Area is the top choice.

With the right equipment and knowledge of the rules and regulations, prospectors can have a successful and enjoyable time searching for alluvial gold in the area.


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